Appeals and Disputes Policy

Kenosis Beauty Institute will ensure when a Learner feels unfairly judged “Not Yet Competent”, they will have the opportunity to approach the assessor or moderator to state their case for a re-assessment or re-moderation.

Appeals and Disputes Procedure

  • Learner advises the Institute they want to Appeal the Not Yet Competent Assessment Results
  • Learner completes the Appeal Form and hands to the Institute within 7 days of receiving first assessment feedback report back
  • An Appeals Form (Refer to Form 50) will be made available for this purpose and this can also be found in the learner POE.
  • The Institute meets with the Assessor to go through the learners Appeals Form.
  • The Assessor has 7 days within which to respond.
  • In the event of re-assessment and a Competent outcome is found, the Assessor hands back the POE and a new Assessor Feedback Form showing a competent result.
  • The Institute meets with the learner and provides the positive Assessment Feedback Form within a 7-day period
  • After re-assessment, the candidate signs to prove receipt of the outcome of the re-assessment.
  • In the event of re-assessment and still a Not Yet Competent result is found, the Assessor completes the Appeal Form and a Re-Assessment form and informs the  Institute and learner within a 7-day period
  • The Institute then schedules a meeting with the moderator within 7 days and supplies the Moderator with the POE, the Appeal form and the Re-Assessment Not Yet Competent Form
  • The Appeal Procedure is conducted by the Moderator within 7 days.
  • The moderator then conducts an Individual Learner Moderation Report based on their findings and supplies the  Institute with a Learner Moderator Report within a 7 days period and conveys the feedback to the Institute who then conveys the feedback to the learner.
  • In the event that the internal appeal process has been fully utilized and that the learner is still dissatisfied, the  Institute will now contact the relevant ETQA/AQP/Professional Body and sets up a meeting with the relevant Personnel and obtains guidance on their process to complete the learner appeal process.

Appeals and Disputes Process Flow