Learner Special Needs / Disability Policy

It is our Companies intention to actively engage with learners who are disabled and to source as far as possible training venues that accommodate any special needs as listed in Form 82.

Learner Special Needs / Disability Procedures

Once a learner has enquired about any of our learning programmes, we will send them the registration form to complete.  Once we receive this back we will then engage with Management to identify how best to accommodate the learner.

  • Learners are requested to provide information regarding special learning needs on the learner enrolment form;
  • Learners are requested to provide information on disabilities on the learner enrolment form;
  • Learners can avail information regarding special needs to the facilitator on a one-on-one basis;
  • It is the facilitator’s responsibility to ensure that the learners with special needs or disabilities are catered for to ensure the learners acquire the necessary skills during the learning process.  (Refer to Form 82)
  • Learners are interviewed to determine their learning potential in terms of:
    • Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities and threats.

Learner Special Needs / Disability Process Flow