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Skin Tag Removal

From R650 Per 15 Minutes

About Skin Tag Removal

Welcome to Kenosis Beauty Institute, your trusted destination for advanced skincare solutions in South Africa. Located in Johannesburg, we specialize in addressing various skin concerns with precision and care.

Got those pesky skin tags? We’ve got you covered with our Skin Tag Removal services in Midrand. Using safe and effective techniques, we’ll help you achieve smooth, clear skin you’ll love to show off.

Convenience is key, which is why we offer Skin Tag Removal National Tours coming to a city near you, ensuring quality skincare is always within reach. Experience the difference at Kenosis Beauty today. Schedule your appointment and let us help you reveal your best skin yet.

Don’t just wish or dream of clear skin – own it with our revolutionary skin tag removal treatment.

Our adept beauty therapists will transform your skin with our specialised skin tag removal treatment, applying state-of-the-art technology to remove skin tags so you may fall in love with your skin again.


Why Remove Skin Tags?

1. Highly Effective: Cauterization (also known as high frequency) promises a quick and powerful solution to skin tag removal without harming adjacent skin tissue.

2. Comfortable Procedure: Because we use a topical numbing cream, you will experience a nearly pain-free procedure, making your comfort our priority.

3. Scar Minimisation: Thanks to the precision of high frequency, the risk of visible scarring is significantly reduced, giving you a naturally smooth skin surface.

4. Less Recurrence: “Burning” skin tags through high frequency lowers the possibility of their reappearance in the treated area.

5. Aesthetic Enhancement: We enhance your skin’s appearance, restoring its flawless texture and appeal.

6. Boosted Self-Esteem: Improve your confidence with skin that feels as good as it looks.

Before and after picture of a male showing the remarkable results after skin tag removal at Kenosis Beauty Institute
Before and after picture of a male showing the remarkable results after skin tag removal at Kenosis Beauty Institute


Unveil your best skin yet with our transformative skin tag removal treatment. Utilizing sophisticated cauterization techniques, we eliminate skin tags safely and swiftly, restoring your skin to its flawless, natural beauty.
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