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E-Learning Policy

The Institute considers that the education landscape is seeing huge influences in training and development when it comes to technology and the several ways of facilitation (besides face to face).  The various stakeholders in the education and training sector are aligning themselves with various possibilities that open access to learners from the way that facilitation is evolving.  For this reason, we have designed this policy to ensure that when we embark on training which will be out of our usual scope of face to face facilitation we will take the following procedures into account.  These guidelines are intended to provide the basic requirements for the implementation and use of E-Learning (technology-based learning)

E-Learning is being used more frequently in the delivery and assessment of learning in South Africa.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure that we consider the quality assurance methodology which will be used in the accrediting and quality assurance of learning and assessment by the various Quality Management Departments.  The criteria have been developed as a framework to ensure compliance of the South Africa Qualifications Authority (SAQA) 8 core criteria in the quality assurance of skills development Institute s.

E-Learning is a delivery mechanism of learning and will mostly be computer-based learning.  We note that e-learning is noted separately to mobile phones and I-Pad learning (device specific).

This policy serves two purposes; firstly, to document and inform what resources are required to implement E-Learning; and secondly to document how the E-Learning will be measured, evaluated and quality assured.

E-Learning Procedures

On receiving an enquiry or application from a learner for our E-Learning platform, they will be issued this check-list.  The learner will need to sign acceptance of our E-Learning model and methodology checklist before proceeding with the programme (refer to Form 27).

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