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Learner Entry Policy

All learners that apply for enrolment at our Institute for learning will need to enrol so that we can upload their information onto the NLRD (National Learners Record Database).  This will either be for full qualifications, skills programmes or short programmes.

Learner Entry Procedures

  • Our Institute will provide comprehensive information about the Institute, its facilitators, the available education and training programmes and entry criteria to all Learners, both prior to entry and during induction.
  • Learners will have the opportunity to clarify their requirements and relate them to the products and services offered. The entry requirements will be as open as possible.
  • Learners are provided with the full spectrum of training available, which include the unit standard(s) involved, duration, contact learning, work-site learning, venue(s), resources and costs.
  • Learners complete an Enrolment Form (Refer to Form 58).
  • Learners are provided with a code of conduct (Refer to Form 63).
  • Learners are provided with assessment procedures (Refer to Section 8.3.11).
  • Learners are provided with a Curriculum Strategy / Course Outline.
  • Information regarding access to learning programmes is availed to potential learners by means of the following forms:
    • Entry requirements;
    • Learning assumed to be in place;
    • Recognition of prior learning.
  • General induction to the Institute, and induction to different parts of Learning Programmes, will be included to ensure Learners feel comfortable and confident with the Institute, and fully understand and accept their responsibilities to the Institute.

Learner Entry Process Flow

Pre-Assessment Policy

It is the Institute’s purpose to ensure that all learners entering a course, do so with the aim of graduating successfully.  Further to this, the Institute’s will ensure that all learners are adequately prepared for the assessment to take place.

Pre-Assessment Procedure

  • Learners are required to complete a registration form before attending each course.
  • Every course has a Curriculum Outline/Assessment Strategy which states what the SAQA prescribed learner entry requirements are.
  • This registration form will be reviewed by the Director in conjunction with the Curriculum Outline and the Director will check to see whether the learner meets these requirements
  • If the learner does not meet the stipulated learner entry requirements, the learner will be sent an email stating this.
  • The learner may motivate by means of a return email as to why they believe they will have entry to the course.
  • The Director may discuss this with the Moderator and the final decision will be awarded by the Moderator.

Pre-Assessment Process Flow

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