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RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Policy

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process through which formal, non-formal and informal learning are measured, mediated for recognition across different contexts and certified against the requirements for credit, access, inclusion or advancement in the formal education and training system or workplace. (Source: National Policy for the Implementation of RPL: par 30).

The aim is to make it possible to obtain formal recognition for knowledge gained throughout life, such as in workplaces and own reading or experiences.  The RPL process also entails providing support to a person to ensure that knowledge is discovered and displayed in terms of a relevant qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Our company may offer the RPL process to learners for qualifications and unit standards within our scope of accreditation only.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Procedure

  • RPL assessments are done per the assessment unit standard.
  • Prior learning will be done by:
    • The learner applies for RPL
    • The Assessor will check existing qualifications and experience and will evaluate this against the national standards of the qualification
    • Compare the given qualification and experience of the requirements of the national unit standard and qualification
    • Make a judgement on the learner’s competence
    • Feedback will be given to the learner
    • The learner will give feedback in return
    • Determining which credits for a certain level of education and training has been achieved;
    • Transferring of credits from one place of learning to another without learning being repeated;
    • Obtaining a statement that the person can competently perform job functions and roles;
    • The QAP will annually be informed about RPL accreditation for each learning programme.
    • When a learner proves to have prior learning, exemption will be given, and the information be recorded in the document: “Exemption provided to learners”.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Process Flow

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