We are now accredited with the ETDP SETA.

Overall Objective

The SETA is mandated to promote and facilitate the delivery of education, training and development in order to enhance the skills profile of the Education, Training and Development (ETD) sector and contribute to the creation of employment opportunities especially for those previously disadvantaged.

The strategic objectives of the ETDP SETA are to:

Function of  the ETDP SETA

Amongst other responsibilities is responsible for the following:


Accreditation is the certification, usually for a certain period of time of a body or an institution, as having the capacity to fulfil a particular function within the quality assurance system. There are a number of advantages of becoming an accredited SDP, including that the overall quality of education and training provision in South Africa is raised and maintained at a consistently high level. This means that the clients who uses the services of that SDP can be sure that it complies with the required standards for learning and assessment services. It also means that all learners can be assured of a quality learning experience and that the credits and qualifications they achieve through the education and training service will be nationally and internationally recognised.

In addition, only accredited SDPs are able to deliver education and training that leads to nationally registered unit standards and/or qualifications which are quality assured by the ETDP SETA. Accreditation therefore provides SDPs with a valuable tool with which they can market their services to potential clients.